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Online dating for the over 50s has never been easier and the opportunities for single men and women in their senior years are endless. We're living longer and healthier lives than ever before in human history. We're active, and we want to make the most of all our many decades of experience. Meeting people who remember the same music and events, who live throught the same eras is the way to make new friends and find new lovers.

More and more over 50s and over 60s now online

According to articles in the press in recent years one in four of all the 40+ million of internet users in the UK are over the age of fifty, and the number of silver surfers over the age of 65 has quadrupled in the last couple of years. As time goes on that figure is certain to rise as this age group grows in size and internet access becomes easier through increased use of mobile devices.

This boost to the number of over 50s online has been brought about by sites specifically designed for the wants, needs, and lifestyles of the more mature adult population.  There are new websites, and there are those in already in existence which  have been modified or expanded to cater for the many interests and the outlook of those who are over half a century old but who feel as young as ever.

Here at Love Generations we’ve been ahead of the game for quite some time.  We long ago recognised that there are literally a million or two people out there over the age of fifty who are single, full of life and looking for new partners and our established and trustworthy dating site gives them the means to find each other.

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Mature singles all over the world have found new love and a new lease of life by joining our dating sites. There are plenty of people over the age of fifty who are looking for love online, going out on dates, and enjoying their senior years.

Online dating is a lot easier if you start with a site designed for people who have something in common which is why we've created sites for young at heart single men and women in their 50s, 60s, 70s and older across the UK, USA, South Africa and Australia.

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Now, as these new people join the internet generation there are many more reasons to become a member and to upgrade your membership.  It looks like the over 50's are going to be busier than ever!

Over 50's Dating - packed with features and all for a few pence a day

By the time we reach the age of fifty we probably have established networks of colleagues, friends, and extended families. For many men and women who find themselves single again and in their fifties finding a new partner among all the people they already know can prove difficult if not impossible. Not only are all these friends and colleagues settled in their our marriages and partnerships, but they may also be reluctant to rock the boat of a good friendship by broadening it into a romantic affair. Instead, they seek out new contacts among this rapidly expanding social group of single, mature adults who have reached middle age but who have no intention of slowing down just yet. 

Does this sound familiar? Are you one of the mature single-but-looking adults? It's time for you to take the next step and open a new chapter in your life. Join our site and discover a world that's been waiting for you. Once you've been out on a few dates you'll wonder why you left it so long!

Testimonial: Sandra, 70, Grimsby

"I would just like to wish everyone a Merry Xmas and to say I will be leaving the site in a few days time as I have met a lovely man on here. Good luck to all and have a great Xmas and New Year and thank all who either viewed or messages me. Regards, Sandra"

Testimonial: Linda, 61, Crook

"I would like to thank this dating line. I have found a wonderful man and I'm looking forward to a long and happy relationship. so I would say to all other members don't give up - there's someone for everyone. Good luck to all. Merry Xmas"

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